A downloadable game for Windows

[UPDATE:  see comments below if you are interested in checking out an update before they unlock this entry for direct updates, thank you!]

Investigate a peaceful alien landscape at the Crater Barrier Islands of Seti Alpha 42 ...

Just a fun little flyer with not much of a point except to hold on and enjoy the ride!

Thanks for checking it out and if you enjoyed it, please share it with someone you think might dig it, comment or just say hi, any of the those would be awesome !

Oh, and please also go visit http://www.wojciechpiwowarczyk.com/ the amazing environment artist who provides some wonderful free photo scans of leaves that he's made himself.  I mixed and mashed them up in blender and houdini to various degrees and made some ue4 materials to bring them to life in this creation.  Please enjoy :)



Install instructions

just extract and run the .exe

to FLY!! just use WASD and the mouse and havaparty!!


terraformation-vine-rider-windows-64-beta.zip 1 GB
Version 1 May 15, 2018


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update  ( (itch.io has the jam entry files locked until the voting is over, but i saw nothing wrong with posting an update like this until then)) ((if that is not the case, someone please let me know))

  • added a basic settings widget with a slider for adjusting foliage density (for fun, try turning it all the down :P) 
  • optimized meshes
  • made the chaser vine a bit smaller 

1.1gb download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11OjngmaDQYP3cJvemhglQG7buA7IfTEX